4iiii Precision Ride Ready Left Side Power Meter

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The PRECISION Power Meter delivers industry leading accuracy and reliability when you need it most. Through PRECISION's patented 3D Strain Gauge Technology, rest assured the data you depend on will help lead you to victory.

Packaged into a durable lightweight design and compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Head Units, PRECISION will help you train harder and smarter.

A Ride Ready PRECISION includes and comes preinstalled on a brand-new Shimano Crank Arm of your choice. These crank arms will fit bottom brackets using the Hollowtech II interface.

When you put force through your pedals or crank, it doesn't just bend the crank - it twists and flexes in all 3 dimensions. 4iiii's patented 3D power measurement system measures this multidimensional strain, so you can be confident that your unique pedal stroke is still measured accurately no matter your riding conditions.

Our +/- 1% accuracy isn’t just a claim, it’s been third party tested and validated by leading scientists and the Locomotion Lab at the University of Colorado. You can plan your training, pacing, and racing with confidence knowing that your data is always going to be consistent. Don’t limit your potential with unreliable data. Want to learn more? Read the whole whitepaper!

4iiii Power Meters communicate their measurements over both the widely-used ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart radio standards, letting you read and record your power numbers on an enormous catalog of Head Units, sport watches, smartphones, and computers.
  • Train harder and smarter with industry-leading accuracy
  • 3D patent pending power meter technology measures tri-axial strain to provide accurate consistent data
  • Left sided, compact design, extremely lightweight at just 9 grams
  • Data accuracy within +/- 1.5% error margin
  • Waterproof and works in all temperatures
  • Compatible with ANT+, Bluetooth Smart Head Units, smartphones, and other 4iiii products
  • User-friendly app and configurable rider compensation scale factor
  • Battery: 100+ riding hours on a replaceable 2032 coin cell battery with battery status indicator on 4iiii app
  • Double check frame clearance before ordering. 4iiii's rule of thumb for frame to crank clearance is - a gap the width of an AAA battery between the crank arm and the frame
  • A Ride Ready PRECISION Pod is preinstalled on a brand-new Shimano Crank Arm of your choice

PRECISION Frame Clearance Guide

  • Power Meter: Precision Ride Ready
  • Interface (BB): Hollowtech ll
In The Box
Once your Ride-Ready PRECISION Power Meter arrives, it just needs to be installed on your bike using the standard Shimano Crank installation process. Connect a Head Unit or computer, and start riding with power!