HED Belgium C2 700c MSW Rim - Black


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The HED Belgium C2 features a 23mm wide aluminum rim that provides outstanding handling, acceleration, cornering, and climbing performance. The 24mm deep tubular rim is strong enough for cyclocross, but light enough for road racing, and climbing.

HED named their C2 Series Rims after the lower coefficient of rolling resistance (CRR) and higher aerodynamics (CDA) provided by the 23mm wide rims. Due to the width, the smooth transition from the tire to the edge of the rim allows laminar air flow and lower aerodynamic drag.

The Belgium C2 Rim boasts a wider gluing surface for your tubular tire, allowing a greater contact surface for wider tires. 

  • Tubeless ready, non-eyelet alloy clincher rim (with machined sidewalls)
  • 23mm rim width improves aerodynamics and ride quality
  • Rim width allows the tire to spread out and make a larger contact patch with the ground for better cornering grip, improved comfort, increased rolling speed and increases the amount of air volume which in turn allows the tire to be run at lower pressure


  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Defined Color: Black
  • Brake Track: Machined
  • Rim Width (Internal): 17.5 mm
  • Rim Width (External): 23 mm
  • ISO Diameter: 622 / road / 29"
  • Rim Material: Alloy
  • Manufacturer Spec ERD: 592 mm
  • Rim Center Offset: 0 mm
  • Rim Depth: 24 mm
  • Rim Joint: Welded
  • Tire Type: Clincher
  • Valve: Presta
  • Weight: 470 g