HT M1 Aluminum Clipless Pedal

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M1 Clipless XC Pedals designed with exclusive HT Cleat. 

  • Extruded CNC optimized aluminum for strength to weight ratio
  • Mud resistant and easy to engage and disengage
  • CNC machined aluminum body with 2-sided clipless mechanism
  • Patented thrust bearing, needle bearing and IGUS bushing combination
  • Adjustable cleat engage/release tension on each side
  • Includes HT's exclusive H30/X-series cleats and hardware
  • Adjustable dual tension
  • Pedal Type: Dual Sided Clipless
  • Cleat Interface: HT X1E / X1 / X1F
  • Pedal Dimensions: 68 x 45 x 17mm
  • Pedal Spindle: 9/16"
  • Spindle Material: Chromoly
  • Weight: 299 g
  • Pedal Body Material: Aluminum