MET Terranova MIPS Helmet, Off-White/Bronze

MET Helmets



MET Terranova MIPS is designed for trail and e-mtb riding. The construction and fit are inspired by MET's Roam Helmet, guaranteeing optimal comfort. The increased head coverage ensures a higher level of protection around the two most sensitive brain areas - the back and the temples. Featuring the MIPS-C2 Brain Protection System, the Terranova is able to slide against the head in the event of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion.

The tool-free adjustable visor is injection-molded to flex and bend when there is an impact against it. This unique feature helps to manage extra rotational forces transferred to your neck in a crash. The Terranova MIPS also features two dedicated ports to securely dock sunglasses while climbing or resting. The 360° head belt in the MET Safe-T DUO Retention System ensures that there will be no pressure points on the skull and makes the helmet perfectly stable on the head while riding on rugged terrains.