POC Ventral Air Spin NFC Helmet, Uranium Black/Hydrogen White


SKU: TAH3PC106848002SML


The ideal helmet for adventure or wilderness rides thanks to the inclusion of the NFC Medical ID Chip; this helmet is known as - 'the helmet that speaks for you when you can't.'

Created to complement the Resistance Ultra Apparel suited for long adventure rides, the Ventral Air SPIN NFC has all the standard features of the award-winning Ventral Air SPIN as well as the benefits from the inclusion of the NFC Medical ID Chip, making it ideal on remote individual adventures or wilderness rides.

The NFC Chip can easily be read by holding a NFC-enabled smartphone over the helmet. It will instantly give rescuers the information they need at the scene, thereby providing the information necessary in order to make the best judgment calls for treatment in the vital 'Golden Hour' immediately after an accident.

  • NFC Medical ID Chip stores vital medical information that can be immediately accessed by a first responder
  • Internal channels control airflow at high- and low-speeds
  • Extreme cooling and ventilation thanks to innovative internal airflow design
  • CFD-tested design minimizes turbulence and enhances aero performance
  • SPIN (Shearing Pad INside)
  • Lightweight 360° Size Adjustment System makes it easy to find a precise fit
  • Adjustable straps anchored to helmet liner
  • Eye garage keeps sunglasses secure
  • Optimized EPS liner for low weight and crash protection
  • Fully wrapped unibody shell enhances helmet’s structural integrity SPIN (Shearing Pad INside)