POC Crane MIPS Fabio Edition, Uranium Black Matt/Gold


SKU: TAH3PC105778372XSS


Fabio Edition

Approaching every obstacle with creativity and the inspiration to do things differently has always been the ethos POC has shared with Fabio Wibmer. Now, as he leads and reimagines what is possible on a bike, and as POC continues to lead and innovate in the development of award-winning protection, they’ve come together to develop the exclusive Fabio Signature Series. Everything in the series features details designed by Fabio himself.

Created for dirt jumps and concrete jungles, Crane MIPS features advanced head protection technology and limited edition Fabio Wibmer graphics.

The award-winning Crane is a lightweight helmet with a durable and dent-resistant construction where POC has implemented a new kind of liner, combining two different densities. The stiffer outer part deals with higher energy impacts while the inside provides protection for lower energy impacts. Together the two densities work to provide a progressive stop in case of an impact. Crane has a considerably thicker shell than a traditional in-mold helmet, further improving the durability. The unique size adjustment system makes it possible to customize the fit of the helmet to ensure it stays safe and comfortable in place.

  • Progressive core, dual-density EPS liner
  • In-mold construction
  • Extra tough outer shell to prevent denting
  • Size adjustment system
  • Strap anchors molded inside the liner
  • MIPS rotational impact protection
  • 400g


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