Kali Interceptor Enduro Helmet

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The new breed of trail and enduro helmets offer more protection, loads of venting, and just a tiny little weight penalty over what is essentially a road bike helmet with a visor on it.

Kali's Interceptor is one of many enduro half-shells on the market, but one of few that encompasses some unique technology that sets it apart from the other helmets. Kali takes head injuries seriously and has developed helmets that reduce brain trauma, as well as protect the skull from injury. The Interceptor features Kali's Low Density Layer inserts designed to protect against smaller, less violent, but much more common impacts, and their Nano Fusion Shell contains in-molded multi-density EPS with acrylic self-healing foam, and carbon nanotubes to dissipate impact energy more efficiently in smaller volumes. This technology consists of small, green rubberized sections that work similar to a MIPS layer. These green, rubbery pieces keep your head separated from the shell of the helmet. The flexibility of the green pieces allows them to move and absorb shearing forces that can occur on impact. In the event of a crash these little green strips deform in a rotational manner. This deformation aims to reduce the rotational forces to the head and that can cause serious injury.

Kali Interceptor Enduro Helmet

The Interceptor's three-position visor can be pushed up to make room for your goggles when you don't have them on your face, Kali even includes an integrated light and camera mount that can be easily added or removed in seconds.

Kali Interceptor Enduro Helmet

The shell features 24 vents, such large vents were made possible as Kali reinforced the leading edges with composite inserts. There are 5 'SuperVents' at the front of the helmet, and 19 exhaust ports in the back so heat can escape quickly and efficiently.

  • Designed for performance, engineered for impact protection
  • Feature Packed - lightweight with incredible ventilation, deep coverage with enhanced protection
  • Low Density Layer (LDL) - specially designed gel padding placed throughout the interior to reduce rotation impact forces up to 25% and low-g linear forces up to 30%
  • Nano Fusion - in-molded multi-density EPS with acrylic self-healing foam and carbon nanotubes to dissipate impact energy more efficiently in smaller volumes
  • Polycarbonate Shell with under wrap coverage and 24 vents
  • Adjustable visor with locking buckle and sliders
  • Boa Retention System
  • Anti-microbial pads with a removable, washable liner
  • Weighs only 390g