Kali Alchemy Trail Helmet

Kali Protectives

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Designed with the trail rider in mind, the Alchemy is ready for whatever your trail looks like.  From long, knee-busting climbs, to ripping fast descents, the Alchemy will energize you to keep pushing, keep exploring, and keep pedaling.

All the elements come together in a Composite Fusion protection trail helmet so light and comfortable, riders forget they're wearing it. The Alchemy features Low Density Layer (LDL), Kali’s proprietary multi-G impact technology and in-molded multi-density EPS with acrylic self-healing foam.

Composite Fusion: In-molding technology, merging the shell and EPS foam liner. Better impact energy management, increased dynamic range - smaller, lighter and stronger.

The Low Density Layer (LDL) consists of specially designed viscoelastic padding placed throughout the interior of the helmet. Reduces rotational impact forces by up to 25% and low-G linear impact forces by up to 30%.

Certifications: EN 1078, CPSC

  • Washable, anti-microbial, moisture wicking pads
  • Low Density Layer protection
  • PC shell and under wrap with EPS foam
  • Micro-Fit Closure System with two position height adjustment
  • Locking buckle and sliders
  • Break-away visor
  • 21 vents for maximum airflow

Kali Protectives came from a breakthrough in safety technology - Composite Fusion, a process that bonds the helmet shell and foam enabling us to use a thinner shell, creating a lighter stronger helmet. Lighter and stronger means a safe helmet with less mass attached to your head.

Simply put, LDL started out with the idea of putting a low density liner inside helmets to suck up the energy from a low-G hit to the head. Your helmet is there to take the beating for you when you hit your head, hard. LDL is there to soften the bumps we get that are not near the forces that compress or damage the foam in your helmet. It turns out that Low-G hits, especially when received repeatedly, turn into serious concussion damage to your brain.

Data shows the majority of impacts from accidents are happening at much Lower-G forces than the standards are testing for. Therefore the folks at Kali are huge advocates for getting softer materials into their helmets and closer to your head. Their LDL reduces rotational impact forces up to 25%, and reduces Low-G linear forces up to 30%.

Kali Alchemy Trail Helmet

  • Gender/Age: Adult
  • Helmet Style: Mountain
  • Rotational Protection: Yes
  • Visor Included: Yes
  • Weight: 300g