241.99 $ 359.00


The Xult DH Full-Face Helmet is designed for racers and bike park enthusiasts alike, providing superior protection in rough and demanding terrain. In addition to safety, the Xult was designed with comfort in mind. The ergonomic upholstery system with specially developed cheek pads guaranteeing a high degree of riding comfort and a secure, comfortable fit. . A silicone strap holds glasses in place, while the double-D locking system ensures a perfect fit every time. In addition, the integrated vortex ventilation channels create continuous air circulation ensuring plenty of cool airflow through the helmet making it extremely breathable.

The Xult DH also focuses on safety and was designed to protect the head in the event of a fall thanks to the integration of Xmatter/Xrail Technology, in which inserts are positioned in important impact zones between the EPS and outer shell. The inserts deform in the event of gentle impacts and stiffen in the event of harder impacts so if you're ever in an accident the helmet absorbs the forces and promotes multidirectional movements. In addition, the FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) shell requires less material, decreasing weight, and volume, without compromising durability. Therefore the risk of brain injury from the effects of rotational forces is dramatically reduced because of the lightweight shell as well as the integration of Xmatter/Xrail Technology, which absorbs impact and promotes multi-directional movement. The Xult DH Series fulfills the European Safety Standard, EN1078 as well as the American CPSC and ASTM for DH.

  • FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) Shell
  • VortexTM ventilation system with integrated air channels
  • Xmatter/Xrail impact absorption liner
  • Large visor opening contributes to a wide field of vision
  • Adjustable visor
  • Washable padding
  • Double-D safety closure
  • EN1078, CPSC, ASTM
Size Chart
  • S/M: 53cm-56cm
  • M/L: 57cm-59cm
  • L/XL: 60cm-62cm