DVO Diamond Boost 29" Fork


849.00 $ 999.00


An enduro/trail fork that offers quick, dynamic tunability of the negative air spring and high/low speed compression without dropping the fork from the bike or losing any oil. Adjustable 130 - 160mm travel. Boost options are 140 - 160mm (29er) or 150 - 170mm (27.5"")

  • 35mm Tapered alloy stanchions
  • Fender snaps in place with one bolt
  • Off The Top (OTT) allows external preload adjustment of the negative spring, for small bump compliance without sacrificing mid-stroke feel
  • Top Loader Compression circuit can be removed, reconfigured and reinstalled without removing the fork from the bike or the wheel from the fork
  • A compressed, closed damping cartridge bladder eliminates breakaway forces and offers small bump sensitivity
  • Externally adjustable rebound, high speed and low speed damping
  • Internally adjustable travel of 130, 140, 150 or 160mm on 29er models with the included spacers
  • Greater travel reduction is possible with the purchase of additional spacers


  • Axle to Crown Length: 562 mm
  • Brake Type: Post Mount 160
  • Crown Race: 40
  • Offset: 51 mm
  • Lockout Switch: None
  • S.H.I.S. Stem Clamp Diameter: 28.6
  • Steerer Type: Tapered
  • Steerer Tube Length: 270 mm
  • Positive Spring: Air
  • Negative Spring: Coil
  • Travel: 150 mm
  • Weight: 2000 g
  • Stanchion Diameter: 35 mm
  • External Adjustments: Rebound Damping, Low Speed Compression Damping, High Speed Compression Damping
  • Maximum Tire Width: 64 mm