Bike Yoke #7.1 Specialized Enduro (Standard) Replacement Yoke

Bike Yoke

158.00 $ 169.95


BikeYoke #7.1 - Y071 for standard geometry setting with 210x55 shock

This BikeYoke allows the use of a standard shock on your Specialized bike.

If you are wondering, why the BikeYokes for 2017 and 2018 Enduros are more expensive,
Specialized has completely changed the yoke design beginning with the 2017 models

  1. It is a lot bigger, than previous yokes, which means more raw material and CNC-machining time is needed to create a 2017 Enduro BikeYoke
  2. It has integrated ball bearings, which are also included in our BikeYoke for your 2017 Enduro
Description Yoke #7.1
Fits Model Enduro 2017-19 Standard Geo
Shock Size 210x55mm


  • BikeYoke #7.1
  • 2x bearing
  • 1x DU bushing
  • 1x reducer
  • 1x stainless steel bolt