Ergon GP2 Gripshift Grips


42.95 $ 49.95


The GP2 takes the best selling GP1 grip body and adds an adjustable 2 finger bar end for additional hand positioning and leverage. The new 2 finger GFK bar end delivers increased grip, thanks to the rubberized anti-slip lower texture and optimized ergonomics. The bar end and grip body can be independently adjusted to accommodate preference. The bar end also doubles as the locking clamp for the grip. 

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  • Barend size 2 finger, 35mm
  • Barend made of lightweight Nylon-Composite (GFK) with rubber inserts
  • Carbon bar compatible
  • Compatible with bar-plug style mirrors
  • German made rubber compound, latex free, UV stable
  • Right and Left specific grips
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Available in 3 shifter styles/configurations


Offered in Small and Large, based upon the thickness of the grip in hand.  The Small and Large are the same length and have the same wing size.  The only difference is the thickness of the grip in hand.  Riders with smaller hands are best suited to the Small size.  Riders with large hands are an ideal fit to the Large size. 


  • Standard: 2 full length grips
  • GripShift: 2 short grips
  • Nexus/Rohloff: 1 full length Left grip, 1 short Right grip


  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Shape: Ergo
  • Lock On: Yes
  • Grip Shift Specific: Yes
  • Flange: No