ENVE Road Rim Brake 2.0 Fork: Black

ENVE Composites

Steerer:  1-1/4"


ENVE's Road Rim Brake 2.0 Fork is the fork by which all others are judged.

The Road Rim Brake Fork is perfect for Road Cyclists looking for the optimum balance of weight, strength, and stiffness.

When everyone was turning away from the fork aftermarket, ENVE focused their efforts on creating the best aftermarket fork they could. By following their mantra of functional simplicity, they developed a manufacturing process that allows the fibers in an ENVE Fork to run continuously from the top of the steerer to the bottom of the drop-outs.

ENVE forks have a hollow, one-piece design free of bonding or drilling. Additionally the brake bolt hole is molded into the crown allowing for additional weight savings and strength. You can literally put an ENVE Fork on a bike within minutes after leaving the mold.

While this manner of construction is ground-breaking, the real win is the majority of artisan frame builders and customers that choose ENVE as their fork of choice due to its confident on road performance and handling characteristics.


“If you need a fork for challenging Gran Fondos or a custom built bike then this would be our pick.”

 Cycling Plus

All ENVE Forks and components are designed and engineered to capitalize on the inherent strengths of carbon fiber. This guiding principle equates to parts that are both simple and highly functional. The ENVE Road Rim Brake Fork encompasses the entirety of ENVE's design. Because carbon is strongest when fibers are run continuously without interruption or abrupt changes in direction, the ENVE Road Rim Brake Fork uses continuous fibers from the top of the steerer tube to the bottom of the drop-outs. The brake bolt hole is simultaneously molded into the fork’s crown. This construction method produces a fork that is free of bonding and drilling and consequently saves a lot of weight while at the same time creating more strength.

Regardless of the configuration, ENVE's design principles remain the same and each model is tried, proven, and validated to produce the best riding experience possible.


  • Axle to Crown Length: 367mm
  • Brake Mount: Mid Reach Caliper (47mm - 57mm)
  • Color: Black
  • Crown Race: Choose between 33mm (1 1/4" Steerer) or 40mm (1.5" Steerer)
  • Front Axle: 9mm x 100mm
  • Axle Compatibility: QR
  • Material: Carbon
  • Offset: 43mm
  • Steerer Type: Tapered
  • Steerer Tube Length: 350mm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Maximum Tire Clearance: 25mm

Package Includes:

  • Fork
  • Compression Plug