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GP Series

Designed to be light, efficient, and fade from your mind while riding. The GP uses a classic race-inspired design with contoured wings that sweep away from the leg for complete freedom of movement. The GP has Eco+Light padding for both comfort and support, and just the right width nose to allow you to move up during those tough climbs. Features like these make the GP Series Saddle the clear choice for race day,

Designed to help you achieve even your loftiest of goals and push your inner limits beyond what you thought possible. The GP is used by the Polygon UR Team as their favorite race day DH saddle, the Hrinkow UCI Continental Road Team as their go-to saddle, and Red Kite Fund, World Cup CX athlete, Jennifer Malik as her primary Cyclocross saddle.

Keep it Flat

Flat saddles have been a mainstay in the pelotons for ages and the GP fits the mold. It's a pure race saddle and is flat from nose-to-tail giving you the ability to move around effortlessly while still putting down the power.

Leather is Better

Leather is better... and synthetic leather that performs as well as real leather, but without the extreme environmental impact... is EVEN BETTER. It's at Smanie’s core to always push the limits as to what they can do to make their saddles more environmentally friendly. Their seamless microfiber cover will have you swear you're riding a leather cover, giving you the best of both worlds.

Anatomically Designed Channel

An ever so slight channel in the perennial region provides just enough relief during those all-out efforts, yet doesn’t diminish the flat design of the saddle.

Just the Right Length

Fight the fad! The trend in the industry currently is short saddles, however, that eliminates multiple riding positions. You wouldn’t bring flat bars to a road race, just like you wouldn’t want to eliminate the ability to move forward and backward on the saddle depending on the riding situation.

A Shell that's Soft, but not Too Soft

Getting the shell just right is crucial; a shell that flexes too much will cause your saddle to wear out prematurely or break, too-stiff, and it will be a very rough ride and cause undesirable pressure issues in some positions. The GP Shell is light enough for a World Tour Road Race, yet strong enough to win the World Cup DH Title. 

  • Rails: Chromoly
  • Top: Microfiber
  • Color: Black
  • Riding Posture: Aggressive/Race
  • LxW: 276x142mm
  • Weight: 166g
Smanie GP Series Saddle has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 8 reviews.