Clean Motion Rhinodillos Tire Liner

Clean Motion

17.95 $ 21.00


What’s a RhinoDillo?

RhinoDillo Tire Liners are a tough way to prevent thorns and other road debris from getting to the precious air in your tube and flattening your tire. Placing a RhinoDillo between your tire and tube creates a virtually impenetrable layer to keep you riding flat free!

Are they invincible? No, of course not. A nail at the right angle can go through sheet metal. But... they are the toughest available and they stop 95% of sharp objects that would have otherwise ruined your day.

Clean Motion - Tire Liners

New SOFT-TIPS Prevent friction flats!

A friction flat is a way of describing what happens when the edge of a tire liner with the overlapping ends rubs against the tube on the inner circumference and actually CAUSES a flat tire. With our new patent pending Soft-Tips™, your tube will be protected from this flat-causing edge seen on all other brands of tire liners!


RhinoDillos have been proven tougher in side by side tests by riders, dealers, and Independent Labs!

Tire Liner Comparison

RhinoDillos come in new Pre-Relaxed packaging to make installation a snap when compared to other liners which want to curl back into a tight ball.

  • Prevents thorns and other road debris from puncturing the inner tube and deflating the tire.
  • Comes in pre-relaxed packaging to make installation a snap
  • Packaged in a process that avoids the difficult to install "pigtails" traditionally associated with liners
  • Stops 95% of sharp objects that would otherwise ruin your day
  • Soft-Tips help prevent friction flats where liner overlaps
  • Equipped with Soft-Tips that prevent friction flats at the overlapping seam
  • Sold in pairs