Surly Junk Strap Rack Straps, 6-Pack




Surly Junk Strap is for use as a tie-down for whatever junk you have to strap to racks, backbacks, dogs, stuffed animals, or weakened ideologies.

To the untrained eye, our Junk Straps are just really long toe straps. But they’re so much more than that. They can be used to attach any number of things to any number of… other things. Use them to secure small dogs to your child. If your buddy breaks his leg, you can use a few to hold a splint in place while you drag him out of the woods. Wear one as a stylish belt (if your waist is smaller than 120cm).

They’re easy to use and they stay tight. Once you’re ready, loosening them is quick and easy. They’re light, pack small, and securely and conveniently attach all kinds of stuff to your rack, basket, handlebar, backpack, under your seat, around your thigh… just about anyplace. You can even combine them to make longer straps. 

  • For general tie down use
  • Black with Stainless Buckle
  • 120cm
  • 6-pack