Super 8 Top Tube Mount, Black

Backcountry Research


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The Super 8 Strap was designed to be a practical and simple solution to carry layers or other gear without overstuffing pockets and bags. Made to be left on the bike, the self-adjusting shock cords allow for ample, on-the-fly storage of your excess gear. A light jacket, arm warmers, vest, battery...even a spare tube you hastily grabbed at the last aid station, all tucked away in seconds
  • Made from 1.5" Hypalon, its low profile design keeps it out of the way until you need it
  • The Super 8 is so versatile and accommodating you can even lock down your cell phone. Pull shortest set of shock-cords up and over the ends of your phone to lock it down. The back side of your phone will rest on the rubber tubing of the longer shock-cords preventing frame contact and chatter
  • Fits up to a 8" circumference (distance around)
  • The "thick sliced" Hypalon used for construction, makes it a superb strap for riders who use and abuse their gear on a daily basis. Grip-strip sewn in to soak up trail chatter and to keep your precious cargo from hula hooping. Bar tacks used on all shock-cord stress points