Soma Rakku Alloy Rear Rack


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Soma's Rakku Rear Rack is a premium alloy tubular rear rack that's a fair match to Soma's Porteur front rack. 

Versatile and strong, the Soma Rakku is an excellent choice for commuting or extended touring. Its platform is set slightly more behind the wheel axle than similar sized racks. So it is a good choice for frames with chainstay lengths less than 430mm, which cyclists sometimes have heel clearance problems with panniers bags. So if you commute or tour with a CX bike, road bike, mountain bike, and your feet kicks your bags while pedaling, give this a try...

  • Dual level pannier mounting options
  • Eyelets on top makes it easy to tie a basket on the platform
  • Setback design reduces heel-pannier strikes
  • Adjustable to fit 26", 700c, and most 29" wheels
  • Bracket for rear light
  • All hardware included


  • Weight Limit: 25kg
  • Platform Size: 350 x 120mm