AcePac Bar Roll Handlebar Pack, Black


69.95 $ 74.95


The Bar Roll Handlebar Bag is built to be tough and withstand the adventure ahead, without taking the planet for granted. Featuring an easy to open and close, adjustable roll-top, with the ability to fit up to 16 liters of gear.

The bag can be mounted on a wide range of handlebars. It is recommended to use the Connectors (which are apart of the bag) on straight handlebars or swallows in order to keep the bag away from the handlebars to protect the brake levers and their supply hoses. The bags double-sided rolling closure features Nifco buckles (-20 ° C) for easy handling (even in gloves), it can be rolled like a classic drybag by simply closing the buckles at the entrance to the bag. The bag is designed so its volume can be regulated by rolling from both sides, from 8L to 16L (30-60cm).

The main material used is Nylon (PU coating 1500mm H20), durable and light fabric. A part of the bag is a removable waterproof insert (coated with Nylon ripstop fabric, PU 5000mm with taped seams), which is guaranteed to keep the transported contents of the bag dry.

The lower part of the bag is made of easy-care, double-sided coated Tarpaulin material for easy cleaning, while the exposed areas of the bag that touch the head tube, brake, and gear levers are reinforced with a second layer of Cordura Ecomade Nylon fabric to ensure your bag lasts a very LONG time.

Stressed seams are secured with the so-called Bartack stitch (zigzag), all yarns used are Polyester with a large fiber diameter for maximum strength. Strap chain at the bottom of the bag for attaching it to the side compression straps of the backpack for easy transport of the bag in rugged terrain, where it is necessary to make full use of suspension travel or in vehicles.

  • Constructed from Cordura Ripstop Ecomade tear resistant fabric and designed using Nylon (PU Coating 1500mm H20), for a durable, lightweight bag.
  • Cylindrical handlebar bag with a volume of 16L with a removable waterproof insert.
  • Easily stores bulky items while keeping them compressed to help eliminate wobbly steering.
  • Suitable to fit a sleeping bag, tent, or any other equipment that can be packed into a cylindrical shape. 
  • Compatible with various styles of handlebars using two quick release mounts, including spacers to eliminate the bag from interfering with cables.
  • Featuring Polypropylene Straps (100% Recyclable) with a rough structure to ensure there is no slippage.
  • Stressed seams are secured with the so-called Bartack Stitch (ZigZag), and 100% high-fiber Polyester yarn for maximum strength.
  • Designed with dual-roll side closures allowing easy access to gear and ability to minimize size with minimal effort
  • Capacity: 16 Liters / Weight: 450g

* The Bar Bag can be attached to the harness to increase the total usable volume on the handlebars

  • Includes a removable waterproof insert (coated with Nylon Ripstop Fabric, PU 5000mm with taped seams), guaranteed to keep the contents of the bag dry as well as daisy chains to hold additional gear.