WTB Deva Saddle


42.95 $ 95.95


Among the most beloved saddles in WTB history, the Deva has proven itself as a versatile saddle, suitable for a wide range of riders. Its flat profile provides numerous seated positions while a short nose allows riders to easily transition on and off the saddle without snagging their shorts. The Deva was designed and tested to best suit the female form, but that doesn't make it female-specific. It's comfortable enough that even the manliest men are able to look past the female-focused label.

USAGE:  Gravel - Cross Country - Trail - Enduro


  • So incredibly comfortable, designed to suit the female form, without the presence of flowers or pink butterflies
  • Medium-width and a short nose for easy on-off transitions, suited for all mountain bike disciplines (can even cross over to riding the road)
  • Generous padding and a flat profile providing lots of real estate for positioning
  • Microfiber Cover / Soft-Shell / DNA Padding
  • Comfort Zone cut-out and Love Channel for soft tissue relief
  • Aramid corners
    • Titanium: Flex-tuned shell and DNA padding
    • CroMoly: Flex-tuned shell and HLX+Gel padding
    • Steel: Flex-tuned shell and DNA-X padding


    • Gender/Age: Women's
    • Model: Medium
    • Dimensions: 260mm x 145mm
    • Sit Bone Range: 102mm -130mm
    • Color: Black
    • Clamp Style: Std Rails
    • Rail Color: Metal/Matte Black (Ti) Metal/Gloss Black (CrMo) Gloss Black (Steel)
    • Saddle Cut Out: No
    • Weight: 193g (Ti) 275g (CrMo) 305g (Steel)