Stans Neo Durasync Freehub Bodies and Parts




Durasync freehub bodies feature triple freehub bearings for increased axle stability to handle even greater vertical and torsional loads. Comes standard on Neo hubs.

  • 6-pawl system provides 36 points of contact and 10-degree engagement for quick acceleration
  • Chromed steel bearings
  • Wide bearing stance and axle design reduces flex and adds durability
  • Low drag main seal prevents contamination and reduces resistance
  • Neo hubs with Durasync can be upgraded to Speedsync
  • MK3, Comp, and Team wheels all have Durasync freehub bodies

MInidriver has a Shimano HG spline, but is 10mm shorter to accept 11-speed cassettes with 10t cogs from Hope and OneUp Components

* OneUp Freehub Bodies require the Shark Cluster (TAH2OU3610)

Instructions and hub axle determinations are available at