Sensus Meaty Paw Kyle Strait Lock-On Grips Bonus Pack



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The Meaty Paw was created for Kyle Strait by combining the thinnest interior sleeve with an oversized diameter, resulting in a grip that not only dampens small bumps but provides superior grip. With a need for oversized grips in every discipline from XC Foamiez to DH Double-Wrapped, the Meaty Paw is a no brainer.

  • Kyle Strait's signature grip
  • Created by modern science, combining the thinnest interior with an oversized diameter
  • Dampens small bumps while providing superior grip
  • Softest rubber ever used which creates a super supple grip
  • Semi flange with pinky ramp in a single clamp lock-on design
  • Oversized 35mm diameter
  • Single Lock with Integrated End Cap
  • Made in the USA
Dimensions (Oversized)
  • Grip Area: 5” (134mm)
  • Length: 6” (151mm)
  • Diameter: 1.35” (35mm)