SDG Radar Sensus Leather Saddle



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Refurbish your ride with this Classic Beauty designed in collaboration with Cam Zink and the Sensus Crew. Inspired by Classic Ferrari's, designed with 100% Authentic treated leather, stitched for traction and class, with Kevlar quarter panels for maximum durability, fabricated on a SDG Radar chassis for comfort and quality, second to none.

Ideal for: Trail, All Mtn, Enduro

  • Free Float Comfort Flex –  Position of rail inserts to increase wing flex and rider comfort, while enhancing pedaling efficiency.
  • Optimal Pressure Distribution – Platform designed to minimize pressure on both perineum & sit bones. 
  • Flat Forward Design – Allows free movement on the saddle to shift weight around in aggressive riding positions.
  • Peri Canal Groove – Pronounced center channel on the saddle to ensure pressure relief. 
  • Hidden Undercut - Cutout in the base to provide extra perineum comfort.  
  • Nose Platform – Provides extra support when shifting to the front of the saddle when climbing.  
  • Rear Buzz Cutout – Extra tire clearance for modern 29’rs at full compression.
  • Color: Brown Leather/Black Kevlar
  • Material: 100% Authentic Treated Leather with Kevlar quarter panels
  • Rail Material: Lux-Alloy
  • Clamp Style: Std Rails
  • LxW: 270mm x 138mm
  • Gender/Age: Unisex
  • Weight: 230g
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