Restrap Pedal Straps, Diagonal


39.95 $ 46.95


The Pedal Straps were Restrap's first product ever and they are still going strong!

Made from recycled seatbelt webbing, the straps benefit from a 3-layer Velcro system, holding your foot firmly in place with a unique twist-tension design. Reinforced eyeleted mounting holes and nickel-plated fittings provide unbeatable strength.

These Pedal Straps can be worn with any footwear and are perfect for urban riding, bike-packing, and touring.

  • Holds the foot firmly in place by using a 3-layer Velcro system
  • Can be worn with most footwear
  • Made from recycled seatbelt webbing
  • Perfect for urban riding, bike-packing, and touring
  • Handmade in Yorkshire, England

Restrap Diagonal Pedal Straps: Black