Redshift Utility Mount for Aerobars

Redshift Sports

28.79 $ 29.95


The optional Utility Mount for QR Aerobars integrates your bicycle computer seamlessly with the Quick-Release Aerobars. The utility mount attaches directly to the bottom of the aerobar/handlebar clamps, 

  • Positions your computer for easy viewing in road or aero riding position.
  • Stays attached to bicycle when aerobars are removed.
  • Provides two mounting heights to fine tune your computer's position.
  • Utility mount also integrates with the optional water bottle mount, putting all your essentials at your fingertips.

Utility Mount

Weight 27 g (including M6 x 18 mm mounting bolt)
Mount Tube Diameter (A)
25 mm
Computer Clearance (B)
Handlebar Mount
55 mm
Mounting Width (C)
45 mm
Computer Clearance (D)
Water Bottle Cage Mount
70 mm max
50 mm min