POC Spine VPD Air Backpack, Uranium Black


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POC's Spine VPD Air Backpack is the perfect compliment for any adventure, a short trek on your favorite trail or a weekend long excursion. Made with water and dirt-resistant fabric, including a back-protector, which is certified to EN 1621-2 level 1.

The unique twin-strap closure system provides a light and secure retention system, which also ensures there is no restriction around the waist. A mixture of side pockets for easy access to tools or food, an additional pocket designed specifically for your mobile phone, and well-placed internal compartments that allow weight to be evenly distributed throughout the backpack creating perfect balance and comfort. 

  • Lightweight, highly ventilated panels to keep you cool and protected (8L - 600g / 13L - 750g including back-protector)
  • CERTIFIED according to (EN 1621 -2 level 1) 
  • Twin-strap closure system
  • Tool pocket on the side for easy access
  • Variety of pockets ensure an even load distribution
  • Designed to work with hydration system - up to 3 liters
  • Mobile phone pocket
  • Water/dirt resistant fabric