POC Ora DH Goggles


SKU: TAH3PC402501002TRS1


The all new Ora MTB DH Goggle was designed to meet the precise demands of modern Downhill mountain bikers, optimizing the riders field of view and ability to react to the course with the necessary speed and safety.

The Ora DH fits seamlessly with POCs helmet collection, in particular the Coron Helmet and has a clear lens from industry leader Carl Zeiss, which offers the best vision in variable conditions, across different shade environments. In addition the Ora DH can be used with tear or roll off’s for the best vision and flexibility in foul weather.

To meet the demands of modern DH riders the goggle was designed with vent foam for the optimal balance in ventilation and safety. The unique design, coupled with details such as a flexible frame and adjustable strap, ensure the goggle stays precisely in place during rigourous of DH riding.

  • MTB DH specific goggle designed with maximized field of view
  • Brand new and unique frame construction for comfort and ventilation
  • Zeiss lens for enhanced optical performance
  • Clear Zeiss lens with tear off posts (tear off sheets included)
  • Roll off system also available separetaly
  • Seamless fit with Coron helmet
  • Snug and adjustable straps
  • Ventilation foam for enhanced protection from rain, dust, and mud
  • Flexible and precise fit due to frame materials
  • Flexible frame construction integrated with a 3-layer face foam for a precison fit