Pedro's Vise Whip II , 11-23t Cogs




The Vise Whip II is simply a better solution for holding your cassette during removal. Recently updated so it also works on track cogs, cog & BB lockrings, and e-bike chainrings.

This innovative tool was developed by Pedro's in close collaboration with legendary frame builder and cycling technical author Lennard Zinn. The Vise Whip II is beautifully simple to use... once you try it, you'll never go back to a chain whip again!

  • Heat treated vise grip style chain whip tool with locking non slip jaws
  • Adjustable plier design securely locks in place ensuring positive engagement and preventing slippage
  • Updated jaws work on track cogs, cog & bb lockrings, e-bike chainrings, and cassettes
  • Updated adjustment knob features gear size indication for quick reference of the current tool setting
* Fits cogs between 11t and 23t (not designed for 1/8" chains) and 40-46mm OD lockrings with opposing notches. Compatible with all multi-gear cassettes and all standard width cogs and e-bike chainrings.