Paul Components Mini Moto Brake

Paul Components

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Paul Component's MiniMoto is a mini-v brake for use with a wide selection of drop bar brake levers as well as flat bar short pull brake levers and is optimized for high stopping power without sacrificing brake modulation.

  • Clearance for knobby cyclocross tires and full fenders
  • Teflon lined noodle with quick-release and barrel adjuster
  • Sealed stainless steel pivots
  • Adjustable spring tensioners
  • Machined in the USA of 6061 aluminum
  • Made in USA

* Includes all-weather Salmon Kool Stop Thinline brake pads with spherical washers

The MiniMoto is a direct pull cantilever brake. The design is simpler to install than a traditional cantilever brake, and gives the MiniMoto a narrow profile.

The arms of the MiniMoto have been shortened to match the leverage of standard road brake levers, making the MiniMoto compatible with drop bar brake levers with integrated shifters.

Paul Components Mini Moto Brake

The short curved arms give plenty of clearance for cyclocross tires or wide fenders. The spring tension is independently adjustable for each arm which means the brake can be precisely centered on the wheel and adjusted for return strength.

Paul Components Mini Moto Brake

With a simple pivoting quick release on one arm, it’s easy to open the brake to remove a wheel. The cable enters the brake through a barrel adjuster at the top of the curved cable noodle. This adjuster makes it quick and painless to fine-tune the cable tension of the brake without tools.

Like the rest of our brakes, the MiniMoto has sealed stainless steel bushings in the pivots. These precisely machined bushings are what contact the brake posts of the frame and give the brake arms a smooth surface to pivot on.

There’s a reason this brake won CX Magazine’s “Best Rim Brake” award.

Paul Components Mini Moto Brake


  • Wheel: Front or Rear
  • Cable Pull: Short Pull
  • Brake Pads: Salmon Kool Stop Thinline
  • Pad Attachment Style: Threaded Post
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized or Polished
  • Additional Information: Download
  • Brake Pivot - Exploded View: Download
  • Weight: 149g (164g with all hardware and pads)
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