ODI Troy Lee Lock-On MTB Grips (Bonus Pack)


26.95 $ 32.95


Quality and Innovation that can only be found by combining two world leaders.

ODI enlisted the help of Troy Lee Designs to help put an artistic spin on a quality new design. After hundreds of drawings and designs, the most innovative grip was created. 

  • Grooved channels prevent mud and water buildup
  • Over-molded flap provides added protection on outside clamp
  • Designed with unique undercut pads for a slim comfortable feel with maximum grip
  • Custom flanged design provides hand support with more usable grip surface
  • Aluminum clamps secure the grip on both ends using a hex wrench
  • Laser etched reference marks on inside clamp simplify grip positioning on the handlebar
  • Laser etched Troy Lee Designs logos on outside clamps
  • Sold as a pair

Bonus Pack Includes: Lock-on grips, clamps, and new snap-cap end plugs


    • Flange: No
    • Lock On: Yes
    • Grip Shift Specific: No
    • Length: 130 mm
    • Shape: Round
    • Weight: 114 g