ODI Elite Flow Lock On Grips Bonus Pack


27.59 $ 32.95


The Elite Flow grips were developed in collaboration with MTB legend Curtis Keene and feature an offset design that provides more padding in certain areas to eliminate the need for a thicker grip.

  • Variable knurl pattern with additional half-waffle design
  • Half-waffle pattern on the front of the grip provides extra control when you are off the back of the bike
  • Offset grip design with added grip material on one side so it can be position where it is needed most
  • Outside end of the grip is marked for optimal installation
  • Ergonomic single clamp design with reinforced ends provides more usable grip space
  • Soft pro compound provides excellent shock absorption without the bulky feel
    • Lock On: Yes
    • Shape: Round
    • Size: 130mm

    *Bonus pack includes Lock-On grips and version 2.1 clamp