MT Trail Sport Disc Brake, Front/Rear Set, Black/Sil


245.49 $ 279.00

  • Stronger. Lighter. Ingenious. The MT lineage of brakes are the ultimate step in Magura's mission of performance
  • 4-piston front, 2-piston rear provides 100% trail performance
  • Carbotecture body is a proprietary carbon weave nearly twice as strong as carbon laminates, aluminum or magnesium
  • Carbotecture radial design master cylinder/lever with aluminum 1-finger HC blade and CarboLay clamp, HPT or Hollow Pivot Technology, flip-flop design and Easy Bleed Technology (EBT) port on reservoir
  • Double Arch 1-piece monoblock caliper design features anti-heat, anti-drag, anti-squeal and Easy Pad Replacement (EPR) technology
  • Full-hydraulic Magura Royal Blood mineral oil system with a 5-year leakproof warranty
  • Includes: flip-flop front and rear levers, pre-bled tubing kits, 74mm post mount calipers, master cylinders/levers, alloy hardware, tubing shortening bits and manual
  • *160/180/203mm rotor and adapter sold separately


kit: front and rear set
caliper: 74mm
rotor: separate*
color: black/black
weight: 485g