Mr Tuffy Original Tire Liners

Mr Tuffy

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Step up your puncture protection with Mr. Tuffy's Tire Liners. These re-usable polyurethane strips form a protective barrier along the inside of your tire, preventing inner tube punctures caused by sharp objects like thorns and broken glass.

  • Lighter than self-sealing/thorn resistant inner tubes
  • Effective against a wider variety of road hazards
  • Super easy to install with no gooey mess
  • Absolutely, Positively will NOT cause tire or tube damage-or loosening of spokes
  • Sold in Pairs, enough for two tires

Simply put, Mr. Tuffy prevents puncture flats when placed between tire and tube, providing a protective layer between road hazards and the inner tube. Thorns or glass that may penetrate the tire are blocked from the inner tube.

Made from durable, lightweight urethane, which makes it very elastic - when a thorn or piece of glass attempts to penetrate the liner it comes up against a surface that is both hard and elastic. The object pushes against the surface which gives way while resisting initial penetration.

Tuffy liners are now even more impenetrable with the fusing of a hardened strip to the original pliant, lightweight urethane strip. This Micro-Shell layer provides an even better shield against punctures.

* Color-coded by size for convenience

 Mr Tuffy Original Tire Liners