Miles Wide Fork Cork

Miles Wide



Plug your Fork with this here Cork.

Ever notice the gaping hole on the bottom of your Fork Steerer? Create a water tight stash spot on your bike using this simple but ingenious tool in combination with your fork.

Each cork and turn knob is milled from a solid core of high quality aluminum then anodized for style and longevity. The stainless steel screw will not rust despite the rough elements it will endure. The proprietary neoprene washer will last no matter what you throw at it.

  • Compatible with any tapered steerer tube
  • Constructed from high grade aluminum
  • Weight: 25g

In addition to keeping the inners of your headset dry, you can secretly stow away your stuff, like emergency supplies, etc. (examples of stow-able items)

  • Tracker for bike theft
  • Emergency Supplies
  • Multi-Tool
  • Co2(s) and Adapter
  • Pocket Knife
  • Money
  • Water proof lighter/Matches
  • Poncho
  • Granola Bar and/or a Lollipop
  • Party Favors

*Fork Corks are manufactured and assembled in the USA to ensure they’ll last.

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