Maxima Racing Oils BIKE Chain Wax Parafilm Formula, 4 fl oz Drip


Size:  4oz drip bottle

Long-lasting PARAFILM bicycle chain lubricant formulated to be used in all conditions. Advanced formulation goes on wet for effective penetration and dries quickly to form a durable protective wax coating. The unique and pliable wax film repels water and dirt, preventing corrosion and keeping the drivetrain clean. This waterproof formula combines wax coating with a robust anti-wear system to minimize chain noise, enabling smooth shifts under load, and extended chain life.
  • Formulated specifically for bicycle chains
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • Enables smooth shifting, Minimizes chain noise, and Extends chain life
  • Goes on wet to penetrate rollers and side plates, then sets up to a soft, pliable wax
  • Chain is encased in a waterproof layer, shielded from dirt and grime
  • Special low-melt point wax replenishes drivetrain by slow-feeding clean lube from the inside layers outward, significantly reducing abrasive wear and eliminating corrosion
  • Smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation in all conditions for long lasting protection
  • Application Type: Drip
  • Volume: 4 fl oz