Leatt DBX 3.0 Flat Shoes (Aaron Chase Edition)


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Performance Sneaker Style Riding

The Performance Sneaker that Keeps you Cool and In Control

The Leatt MTB 3.0 Flat Shoe is a performance shoe offering great protection and comfort. The padded tongue-raised inner padded sidewall, as well as toe and heel protection, make this a solid shoe for tough Enduro and Downhill riding. The toe box vents are also sealed with a MoisutreCool material - keeping your feet dry and ventilated. Featuring a medium-stiff sole, thanks to a specially developed shank that regulates torsion and flexibility. This shank is the reason Leatt shoes give you great control yet allow you to walk around with ease.

What’s special about the Leatt shoe? Leatt's secret rubber recipe is like your grandma’s hot sauce. Better than anyone else’s! The unique production method provides incredible RideGrip for ultimate bike control in all weather conditions. The sole also features mud channels, which efficiently keep the mud off the soles, so that you are in constant contact with your pedals or the ground.

If you want to stay on top of your game, you need Leatt's MTB 3.0 Shoes...

  • FlatGrip Sole designed to always keep you in control: Optimized waffle grip pattern in the pedal area for superior pin grip
  • Heel and toe mudflow channels for grip in all weather conditions
  • RideGrip Compound delivers an amazing riding feel in all weather conditions:
  • Sticky Leatt Lab compound sole for ultimate bike control
  • Maximum tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance
  • The shoes upper makes them very durable all-weather shoes: Synthetic Leather with a synthetic suede toe box
  • Ventilation with waterproof /breathable membrane on the inside
  • Unique to Leatt compression laces for a tight riding fit that does not come loose when riding
  • Control Flex Shank: Medium-hard Flex control for great bike feel
  • Midsole: Anti-compression midsole for comfort.
  • Active Carbon moisture-wicking, quick-dry, anti-bacterial, anti-odor material for comfort and hygiene
  • Protection: Inner ankle mid-height protection
  • Molded stabilizing heel and rigid reinforced toe area
  • Lining: Active Carbon moisture-wicking, quick-dry, anti-bacterial, anti-odor material for comfort and hygiene
  • Heel Grip: Anti-heel lift grip designRideGrip sole compound is specifically developed to deliver durable and long-lasting grip
  • Color: Brown
  • Sole Type: Flat
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