Garmin GT30-THP Transducer


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Perfect for the shallow water fisherman who want CHIRP ClearVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonar with stainless steel stems. This pair of 12-pin thru-hull transducers consistently displays clear definition of objects, structure, and fish below and to each side of the boat.

These transducers with built-in fast response temperature sensors have a power rating of 500 W per element (1,500 W total); a depth of 750 ft (ClearVü) and 500 ft left and right (SideVü); an operating frequency of CHIRP 455/800 kHz; for hull dead-rises from 5 degrees to 25 degrees. Pair them with your GCV™ 10 Scanning Sonar Module.

Includes 12-pin port and starboard transducers with stainless steel stems, isolation bushings, fairing blocks, Y-cable, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.

Garmin GT30-THP Transducer

*CHIRP frequency bandwidth is 445 to 475 kHz and 805 to 840 kHz.


Frequency ClearVü/SideVü CHIRP 455 kHz (425-485 kHz) & 800 kHz (790-850 kHz)
Power ClearVü/SideVü 500 W
Beam-width ClearVü: 1.4°x53° @ 455 kHz and 0.8°x30° @ 800 kHz
SideVü: 1.1°x53° @ 455 kHZ and 0.7°x30° @ 800 kHz
Maximum Depth ClearVü: 750 ft.; SideVü: 500 ft.
Depth/Speed/Temperature Depth and Temperature
Number of Pins 12-pin
Cable Length 5 ft. + 30 ft. y-extension cable
Supported Deadrise/Transom Angles Up to 25° dead-rise



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