FSA Energy Wing Pro Compact Drop Handlebar



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A company known for its cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, FSA has the ability to form and manipulate high-strength 7075 Aluminum to give the Energy Wing Pro Compact bars optimal properties and shaping. The wall thickness of the aluminum tubing varies throughout; they are thickest only where reinforcement is necessary and thin everywhere else for ultimate weight savings. The bar tops feature an ergonomic 34mm Ergo flat top for maximum comfort through increased surface area as well as a generous center section with plenty of room for mounting accessories. The shallow drop (125mm) and short reach (80mm) result in easier control-lever actuation without over-extension, allowing riders to maintain hand position resulting in easier access to the controls for better control overall, and elimination of over-exaggerated hand positioning greatly improves overall comfort.

FSA designed their compact bars so the rider is in a drop position allowing for better airflow, thus improving breathing.

  • Double butted, tapered, shot-peened 7050 aluminum with cable groove
  • 120mm wide round center section for easy mounting of accessories
  • Slightly textured, sandblasted bar-ends to help keep bar tape in place
  • Width measured center to center


  • Bar Top Style: Flat
  • Width Measurement: Center
  • Bar Clamp Diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Bar Reach: 80 mm
  • Accessory Mount Diameter: 31.8
  • Drop Bend Style: Compact
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Width: 38 cm
  • Cable Routing: External
  • Bar Drop: 125 mm
  • Flare: 4
  • Weight: 269 g