Exposure Revo Dynamo Light

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For long-distance adventure cycling, there is no better option for lighting your way than the Exposure Revo Dynamo Light. Tried, tested, and universally praised, the Revo is the ultimate dynamo light for adventure cycling.

Featuring Stand Light Technology which allows the Revo to remain lit after you stop cycling, the output dims but lasts up to an hour at a low level. The retained energy allows you to quickly get up to full brightness when you start cycling again or get your tent up for a night in the wilderness.

  • Achieves Max Lumen Output after reaching 17mph and 1 hour Stand Light is achieved after 15 minutes riding

The Revo features reduced Smart Port Technology allowing an Exposure Red Eye Rear Light to be used for a complete battery free lighting solution.

  • 4 XPL2 Cree LEDs emit up to 800 lumens, showering the road or trail in light
  • Stand Light Technology allows the light to remain lit when you stop riding
  • Retained energy quickly gets light up to full brightness when you start riding
  • Lightweight and stylish 6063 aluminum construction controls heat management and is water resistant

Exposure Revo Dynamo Light


  • Material: Lightweight 6063 Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 59mm (L) x 47mm (D)
  • Weight: 110g

Included in Box

  • Revo Light,
  • Handlebar Bracket, and
  • Power Connector Cable