ENVE 2.0 Carbon 29" Mtn Fork: Black

ENVE Composites



The ENVE MTN Fork is a truly innovative rigid mountain bike fork designed with gram-conscious, single-speed loving mountain bikers in mind.

There is beauty in simplicity and it's hard to argue with the simplicity of an unsuspended mountain bike. Despite its uncomplicated nature, ENVE's Rigid Mountain Fork is loaded with unique features such as a removable fender, disc brake hose clip, and reversible axle inserts to fine tune the rake of the fork to match your ride preference and application.

Riding rigid isn’t for everyone, but if you’re going to do it there is no better tool you for the front end of your bicycle than the ENVE MTN Fork. Made from 100% unidirectional carbon fiber, this fork is lightweight and stiff in all the right places.

All ENVE forks are constructed in one piece from the top of the steerer tube to the bottom of the dropouts. This construction method means that there is no bonding, bladder materials, or excess weight in the fork; just uninterrupted carbon fibers.

Additional features that add to the experience of going rigid are...

  • Reversible dropout chips that let riders fine tune the fork rake to their bike and preferred style
  • A removable mini carbon fiber fender to assist in keeping mud, water, and grime off your grill
  • ENVE’s unique hose retention clips which means that disc brake hoses are external and secured by a simple carbon clip
  • By using one of the included adapters, riders may run 140mm, 160mm, or 180mm disc brake rotors.


    • Material: Carbon Fiber
    • Steerer Tube Length: 300mm
    • Rake: 44mm, 52mm Adjustable
    • Axle to Crown: 470mm
    • Brake: Disc
    • Axle Compatibility: 15mm x 100mm
    • Max Rotor Size: 180mm
    • Max Tire Clearance: 3.4in
    • Crown Race Diameter: 1.5
    • Torque Steer Tube: 5.5 Nm
    • Torque Axle: 8Nm
    • Weight: 711g (w/ fender), 686g (w/ clasps)