Enduro XD15 Ceramic Eagle Jockey Wheels/Idler Pulley Set


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If you're looking for increased shifting performance that you can actually feel, Enduro's XD-15 Ceramic Bearing Pulley Set is exactly what you've been searching for!

Enduro's bearing pulleys for Sram Eagle 12sp have been completely re-designed to increase shifting performance, and reduce overall friction. Enduro began by machining aluminum centers that are 30% larger than a standard bearing pressed in to a plastic pulley wheel. The aluminum centers increase the overall stiffness of the pulley, translating into faster shifts with no lag and more precise shifts to the desired cog. XD-15 bearings are housed within the aluminum centers. To reduce chain friction the pulley teeth are machined from 500 AF Delrin® with Teflon®, offering significantly less drag than pulleys manufactured from aluminum or titanium. The overall smooth profile sheds mud and debris, providing easy clean up after riding in less than ideal conditions. The shift cable idler replaces a plastic roller and bushing with another XD-15 bearing. The design of the idler reduces shift friction by a noticeable amount, especially shifting up to the larger cogs that see teeth differences between 6 to 8 teeth between cogs.

In addition to being 1 gram lighter than the super light ZERO’s, the XD-15's will outlast your derailleur’s lifespan! These pulleys will spin with the same speed years from now, thanks to Enduro's rust and corrosion-free XD-15 bearings. When installed with the XD-15 bottom bracket and XD-15 wheel kit, you have the ultimate Enduro Bearings Speed Kit for your bike, reducing the overall friction to almost nothing. These new XD-15 pulleys are considerably stiffer than stock due to their large, hollow aluminum centers. The large lower pulley uses a custom designed XD-15 bearing for quick alignment with the cassette cogs and less friction and noise. The Enduro Idler pulley replaces a bushing with a bearing in order to decrease shift friction by a noticeable amount, especially when shifting up to the larger cogs.

  • XD-15 is a very special nitrogen infused steel material that will not rust or corrode, they start out great and get even better with riding over time
  • Ceramic bearings provide superior smoothness, reduced weight and extended bearing life
  • Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, Chromium steel races with triple cryogenic treatment, filled with Kyodo Yushi grease for ceramic bearings
  • Super light Delrin wheels with aluminum dust covers for extremely quiet shifts
  • XD pulleys have a narrow/wide tooth profile for use on XX1 and X01 rear derailleurs
  • Set includes upper and lower pulley as well as a cable pulley
  • Compatible with all SRAM Eagle derailleurs (including GX)
  • Sold as pair (16g/pair)
*XD-15 ceramic hybrid bearings have a LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY as they will NOT corrode in even the harshest conditions.