Chromag Overture Saddle


62.00 $ 65.00


Designed in collaboration with Brandon Semenuk, the Overture is used by more pros than any other slopestyle saddle on the market.

Tailored for slopestyle and dirt-jump riders, the Overture is designed to compliment trick variations by being grip-able, pinch-able yet slim, and easy to move around. (A lot of people also run this on their DH Rig.) 

Brandon's design features a silicone print pinch area with subtle flares in the rear-ward body to compliment leg-pinch and no-hand tricks.

    • Rail Material: 8mm Chromoly
    • Clamp Style: Std Rails
    • Top: Synthetic top with Kevlar panels and Silicone print grip zone
    • Dimensions: 243mm x 136mm
    • Weight: 279g