Cane Creek eeBrake G4 Direct Mount Caliper Brake

Cane Creek

343.59 $ 389.95
SKU: TAH2DC41345


The eeBrake G4 is the fourth generation eeBrake featuring 100% CNC machined parts, a wider design optimized for 22mm - 28mm rims, stiffer black arch spring, a revised one-piece center adjuster with built in resistance for easy use, and ghosted laser etching that will stand the test of time. With all the same stopping power and light weight design you've come to rely on from eeBrakes!

  • Half the weight of its competitors, with dramatically more overall stiffness providing better modulation and more power
  • The eeBrake cable adjuster pivots as the brake is applied, optimizing cable alignment during brake actuation
  • The cross cable path aligns the brake cable over the center of the brake which provides a clean and aerodynamic line, moving the cables into the 'wind shadow' of the frame
  • Tool-free adjustability provides super precision and pad motion, with no annoying pad rub and constant need to re-center
  • One simple flip of the lever and the Quick Strut Release opens wide enough to easily clear a 28mm tire allowing easy wheel removal
  • Titanium Barrel adjuster w/ retention O-ring
  • T-25 Trox pad holder / cable clamp
  • Optimized to work with Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM levers
* Shimano style pads not included


    • Brake Mount Type: Direct Mount G4
    • Brake Position: Choose from Front or Rear
    • Brake Lever Actuation: Short Pull (39mm - 49mm)
    • Defined Color: Black
    • Pad Type: Cartridge
    • Weight: 78g

    See here for the eeBrake: Installation Manual