Bryton Rider Aero 60 GPS Cycling Computer


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The Aero 60 is Bryton's first Aerodynamic GPS Cycling Computer for road bikes. With precisely engineered dimple design wrapped around its back and the brand new Aero Mount developed as an integrated system to reduce air drag. Aero 60 not only provides powerful features, but it's also built to be highly aerodynamic so you can ride fast just like the wind. Aero 60 also comes with pre-loaded OpenStreetMap and full GNSS support, allowing you to follow planned trips under precise positioning.

Aerodynamic Design
Precisely engineered dimple design wrapped around the back of Aero 60 plus our brand new Aero Mount developed as an integrated system to reduce air drag.

Bigger Display, Better View
Designed for your better viewing experience, Aero 60 is built with crisp black and white 2.3” large display, making reading data become easier than ever. It can fit up to 10 data per page for you to have better understanding of your real-time performance.

Follow Track with OSM
Ride on a new adventure with Follow Track function ! Pre-loaded with OpenStreetMap(OSM), Aero 60 allows you to locate where you are and which direction you should go at a glance, providing a convenient and intuitive user experience for road bikers. Tracks created by Bryton Active App offer turn-by-turn guidance such as info for distance and direction before every turn, making the rides smoother and more enjoyable.

ESS Support
Aero 60 supports electronic gear-shifting systems including Shimano’s Di2, SRAM’s eTap and Campagnolo’s EPS. Gear information, such as gear ratio, gear combo and even battery life, are displayed immediately on the Aero 60, eliminating the need to manually check the crankset and cassette.

Absolute Precision
Aero 60 GPS cycling computer with GNSS full support incorporates GPS, GLONASS (Russia), BDS (China), Galileo (Europe) and QZSS (Japan) satellite systems, providing a much more reliable satellite coverage in any situation especially when there are buildings/trees or even while mountain biking, along with faster start-up.

Supports up to 78+ Functions
Aero 60 provides rich data for you to fully grasp the performance of your ride. It incorporates up to 78+ functions including Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Cadence, Altitude, Power, HR and Di2.

32 Hours of Battery Life
If you love going on adventures whole day, Aero 60 certainly meets your needs. It provides up to 32 hours of battery life and allows you to charge via power bank while recording.

TrainingPeaks Workout
To make training easier than ever, Aero 60 now supports workout plans from TrainingPeaks®. Workouts can be planned on TrainingPeaks® and exported to the Aero 60 via the Bryton Active App. Trainings can then be easily and conveniently started from the device to reach training goals.

Smart Notifications
Never worry about missing important phone calls, emails or texts during rides again! Aero 60 provides notifications whenever phone calls, emails or text messages are received after simple BLE pairing with Android/iOS smart phones.

Customizable Data (Display via App)
Tailor your own data display with Bryton Active App ! After pairing with Bryton Active App, you can customize your data fields/pages based on your training goals via BLE on your phone. It's super easy to use.

Sync to Bryton Active App
Enjoy seamless over-the-air synchronization with all new Bryton Active App. Workout data can be automatically synced via BT from the device to the Bryton Active App, where progress and graphical analysis can be viewed, and rides can be shared to social media. It allows users to sync and plan workouts, downloads planned trips, modify device and grid settings, and calibrate altitude all without WLAN connection. The app will also check the firmware version and GNSS data of the device and notify users that updates are available, ensuring that the most up-to-date firmware is always installed. With simple setup, Bryton Active App’s STRAVA, TrainingPeaks and Selfloops Auto Sync also make it easier to share activities and compare with millions.
  • Aero 60 is Bryton's first Aerodynamic GPS Cycling Computer designed with drop bars in mind. Features include a dimpled design and aero mount to reduce drag. Pre-loaded with OpenStreetMap and has full GNSS support allowing the device to operate with 5 satellite systems which makes waypoints more accurate regardless of location stateside or abroad
  • 78 functions including time, speed, distance, cadence, altitude, power, and heart rate
  • Built with a large 2.3” display, the Aero 60 shows you 10 windows of cycling data per page which is fully customizable
  • Notifies you whenever you receive phone calls, emails, and/or text messages after pairing it with your smart phone via BLE
  • Pre-loaded with OpenStreetMap(OSM), the Aero 60 allows you to locate where you are and which direction you should go at a glance
  • Trips can be planned using the Bryton app, following previous rides from your device history, or by downloading .gpx tracks shared from other users. Turn by turn information is only available when planning trips using the Bryton app
  • Tracks and workout data can be synced via WLAN from the device to Bryton app in just seconds, where you can view progress, graphical analysis, and share rides on social media
  • Tracks can also be automatically synced to STRAVA, making it easy for you to share and compete with millions
  • Compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, and power meters for advanced training as well as Shimano/SRAM/Campagnolo electronic shifting to display current gear and battery power
  • Aero 60T model includes ANT+ heart rate monitor, ANT+ dual sensor (speed and cadence), and aero mount
  • Aero 60E model includes computer head and aero mount
  • See the Barfly collection for alternative compatible mounts
  • ***Please note the software on these computers needs to be updated periodically to function properly.Visit this site to download software and for device recovery: ***
Model: Aero 60E
Number of Functions: 78+
Screen Size: 2.3"
Weight: 71g