Braking S3 Semi-Floating Batfly Disc Rotor


71.95 $ 74.95


Semi-floating disc rotors provide the ultimate performance with float on every other arm of the inner spider while maintaining a fixed connection on opposite arms. Based on BRAKING's World Championship Winning Design, the S3 Rotors feature the same patented asymmetric Wave profile, uniquely positioned and shaped pierced slots, and extremely high grade materials (all developed for motorcycle competition) offering reduced weight, increased heat dissipation, increased grip, durability, as well as self-cleaning performance.

  • The ultimate MTB disc for Enduro, Downhill, and Freeride
  • Semi-floating design provides the best balance between warping resistance and lateral resistance to side impacts
  • Batfly construction includes alternating grooves on both surfaces of the disc to improve ventilation and mud/debris clearing
  • S3 - 3 PIN Self Cleaning
  • 6 bolt, 1.9mm thick for standard brake fit