PIEPS Jetforce BT Avalanche Airbag Pack, 25L

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The redesigned PIEPS Jetforce 2.0 is the latest progression of PIEPS innovative Jetforce Technology that is now lighter, smaller, and includes Bluetooth capabilities. PIEPS revolutionary JetForce Technology is still rechargeable and travel-friendly, and features multiple deployments, with automatic deflation to create an air pocket, and has an automated self-diagnosis, but now the updated, lower-profile system is positioned lower, which improves the way the pack carries. With the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, you can update the software directly through the PIEPS app on your smartphone, as well as personalize settings. 

This 25-liter pack features a dedicated avy-tool pocket and plenty of storage for extra layers, water, and additional gear. In addition the pack is modular, giving you the option of purchasing a 10-liter, or 35-liter booster pack, which you can attach to the JetForce System for more versatility. The pack’s ice-tool attachment secures your essential gear, while the tuck-away ski attachment system allows the airbag to deploy when skis are attached. The deploy trigger features status lights and can be switched to either the left or right shoulder strap. For additional comfort, this pack is height adjustable for your preference, and the hip belt features a redesigned leg-loop strap, which is now retractable. 

  • Redesigned JetForce Technology is now smaller and lighter
  • Newly updated, lower-profile system is positioned lower, which improves the way the pack carries
  • Flexible modular zip-on system
  • JetForce Technology is built in; rechargeable, travel-friendly, and extremely durable
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy software and system updates with a smartphone
  • Wireless Device Management via Bluetooth and PIEPS-APP
  • Dedicated avy tools pocket and single ice axe attachment
  • Tuck-away diagonal ski carry allows airbag to deploy while skis are attached
  • Hi-Lo helmet holder, hip-belt stash pocket and internal accessory pocket
  • Redesigned retractable leg strap with easy-to-use carabiner clip for quick attachment to the hip belt
  • Reflective design elements
  • Front loading accessory pocket


  • Multiple deployments
  • Electronic System with jet-fan technology that only needs ambient air for inflation
  • Automatic airbag deflation after 3 minutes to create an air pocket
  • Automatic self-diagnosis
  • Air-travel friendly
  • 100% deep discharge protection
  • Suitable for helicopters and cable cars without deactivating the system
  • Deploy trigger can be switched to left or right shoulder strap and the height can be adjusted
  • CE-certification as personal protective equipment
  • Update possibility via Bluetooth and PIEPS-APP


PIEPS Jetforce BT Avalanche Airbag Pack, 25L WORKS EVEN AT -30°C

    • The JetForce-System uses a specially designed Lithium-Ion battery, which generates high current even at very cold temperatures (-30°C).

PIEPS Jetforce BT Avalanche Airbag Pack, 25L LONG LIFE

    • 500 charge cycles ensure a long-lifetime, self-discharge for easy storage properties.

PIEPS Jetforce BT Avalanche Airbag Pack, 25L BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

    • The intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) together with temperature sensors are responsible for an optimized battery-performance as well as protection (e.g. depth de-charge and charging at temperature below zero). 


  • Leg-loop with easy-to-use carabiner clip for quick attachment and stow-able
  • Safety gear compartment for shovel and probe
  • Special helmet holder
  • Ski carrying system diagonal
  • Ice axe attachment
  • Sternum strap with integrated emergency whistle
  • Front-loading accessory pocket
  • Reflecting design elements


  • 170 Liter - That’s how big the air pocket will become through the Jetforce after the automatic airbag-evacuation

In critical burial, an existing air pocket increases the probability of survival:

  • With Air Pocket: 1,5-2 hours
  • Without Air Pocket: 14-35 minutes

PIEPS Jetforce BT Avalanche Airbag Pack, 25L


  • Torso Length: (Waist Length: 76cm -140cm)
    • [S/M] 53cm
    • [M/L] 57cm
  • Waist Length: 
    • [S/M] 76cm - 140cm
    • [M/L] 76cm - 140cm
  • Volume:
    • [S/M] 25 L (1,525 cu in)
    • [M/L] 25 L (1,525 cu in)
  • Average Stock Weight:  
    • [S/M] 6 lb 5 oz (2.87 kg)
    • [M/L] 6 lb 7 oz (2.97 kg)
  • Materials:  
    • Dynex (210d + PE 200d)