Bike Yoke Squeezy Seatpost Clamp

Bike Yoke

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Featuring a classy CNC-Finish and a Titanium bolt, the Squeezy is not just light, it also has a collarless design to eliminate local stiffening and improve clamp force distribution. 

Bike Yoke’s Squeezy is designed to be as lightweight as possible while offering just the right amount of pressure to keep your dropper in place without causing binding issues. The Squeezy has a collarless design - instead it has 3 small claws which prevent the clamp from sliding too far down the seat tube.

Collars are basically just an installation aid, to prevent the clamp from sliding down the seat tube, but in fact they locally stiffen up the clamp and hinder it from distributing the clamping force evenly. The Squeezy acts like a thin metal band, that perfectly snuggles around the circumference of your seat tube and smoothly secures your seatpost in place.

  • The compact design and Titanium Torx T-25 bolt placed as close to the seat tube as possible allow even distribution of loads
  • 3 "slip-stops" prevent Squeezy from sliding down during installation and take the place of a traditional collar

PLEASE NOTE: The Squeezy is available in various diameters to fit the most common seat-tubes. These dimensions refer to the seat-tube outer diameter and NOT to the seatpost specification.

  • 31.8mm
  • 34mm
  • 34.9/35mm
  • 35.6mm
  • 36.4mm
  • 37mm
  • 38mm
  • 38.9/39mm


    • Extremely Low Weight: 7.9g (34.9/35mm) / 8.9g (38/38.6mm)
    • Material: Al-7075-T6, fine-feed CNC finish
    • Collar-less design for more even clamping force distribution
    • Ti-6Al-4V titanium-clamping bolts mit Torx T-25 drive
    • "Slip-Stopp" installation aids


    1. Make sure your seat tube has the correct diameter

    • 34.9mm  ~ 35.0mm for Squeezy 35
    • 38.0mm ~ 38.5mm for Squeezy 38
    2. Make sure that Squeezy can fully slide onto the seat tube

    (The Squeezy must slide the full 12mm height onto the seat tube)

    3. Maximum torque is 4.5Nm (not greased)

    • It is recommended to keep the torque just as high as required, yet as low as possible.
    • The post should not slowly creep into the seat tube during riding, but at the same time the post should be able to rotate during a crash or side impacts to avoid overload.
    • If you torque too high, you may affect the function of your dropper post.

    4. Check the seat clamp for proper installation before every ride.

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