All Mountain Style Berm Grips

All Mountain Style

26.95 $ 31.00


AMS Berm Grips are comfortable grips featuring a tapered diameter, with a thinner inside and thicker outside.

  • Combines micro-diamond pattern and waffle style grip to allow you to hang on to the lip of that berm
  • Features a tapered diameter 29.5mm to 33.9mm with no flange and single sided locking collar
  • Tapered diameter, thin inside, thicker outside. 
  • Micro-diamond pattern with waffle style at the center. 
  • Locking is provided with a single inside collar.
  • The pair are just above 100 grams
  • No flange.
  • Length: 135mm
  • Diameter: 29.5mm inside - 33.9mm outside
  • Weight: 102 grams (3.6 ounces)