Afton Vectal 2 Clipless Shoes, Black/Red

Afton Shoes

116.00 $ 139.00
SKU: TAH22A2110

All new from the outsole up, the Vectal 2.0 is focused on durability, protection, and foot security.
  • Slightly stiffer shank than previous model to improve the power transfer as requested from our athletes
  • Oversized clip box and 35mm of clip travel allows all kinds of clip configurations without restriction when clipping in and out
  • New rubber compound that is more durable and has improved traction
  • Pull to tighten strap concept to assist in snugging up the shoes
  • Medial side smooth with no seams in the crank rub area to improve durability
  • Mid height ankle protection with medial side slightly higher to cover and protect the Malleolus
  • Materials are important, so Afton selected durable, cleanable materials that will last the lifetime of the shoes
  • All new Intact Rubber formula that is traction at its finest. Sticky, durable, and confidence inspiring
  • Toe is reinforced and printed with coarse, abrasive resistant material to protect the shoes
  • Toe reinforcement PU sheet will protect your toes and the top of your foot
  • Reinforced heel cup area and reinforced materials to give the shoe structure and durability
  • 5mm perforated neoprene tongue will give your foot the protection it needs  while the tongue rain gutters keep out dirt, water, and foreign materials
  • Toe venting with small circles to promote airflow
  • Thick Ortho-lite Insole to cut smell and improve comfort
Afton Vectal 2 Clipless Shoes, Black/Gum