Afton Cooper Shoes, Black/White

Afton Shoes

SKU: TAH22A1200

It's time, Afton's new, from the ground up, MTB flat shoe. Traction, durability, protection, hermetic, all packed in Afton's signature style.
  • All new Intact Rubber formula that is traction at its finest. Sticky, durable, confidence inspiring.
  • Brand new cupped outsole lug pattern. You’ll be planted in high speed rock gardens, muddy conditions, and hiking.
  • Mono-directional interior shank supports your foot on the pedal during impacts, assists in energy transfer when pedaling, and reduces vibration yet flexes to allow normal walking.
  • Materials are important. We selected durable, cleanable materials that will last the lifetime of the shoes.
  • Mid-ankle height to support, protect and secure your ankle.
  • Toe is reinforced and printed with coarse, abrasive resistant material to protect the shoes.
  • Tongue rain gutters keep out dirt, water, and foreign materials.
  • Lace Caddy to hold the laces out of the when riding.
  • Thick Ortho-lite Insole to cut smell and improve comfort. 
Afton Cooper Shoes, Black/White